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Questionnaire EuropeFashionWeb Questionnaire EuropeFashionWeb

Cooperate with Europefashionweb giving us your opinion and you will get a free pattern.

1 – Have you ever bought patterns on the Internet?
YES, I usually buy patterns on the Internet
YES, sometimes I buy patterns on the Internet
NOT on the Internet. Only through other means (magazines, shops…)
I have never bought any patterns
2 – How many patterns do you buy a year?
Only 1
Between 2 and 5
Between 6 and 10
11 or more
3 – What is the main reason that makes you buy a particular pattern?
Its design
It is easy to make
Its price
Some other reason
4 – What is the type of pattern you use the most?
Cocktail attire
Plus size XL
Wedding dress
Children’s clothing
5 –Did you like the models on our website?
Very much
Not much
6 – Did you find our models difficult to make?
Very much
Not much
7 – Could you understand each model properly by this picture?
Yes, perfectly
Had some difficulties
Couldn’t do it
8 – How do you find the size grading we offer?
Not enough
9 – Should the catalogue be wider in your opinion?
NO, the variety of models is sufficient
10 – In your opinion, is the price range of our patterns suitable?
Prices are very competitive
I find the price range acceptable
NO. I think they are too expensive
11 – Is it a problem for you that our payment method is by a credit or debit card?
Yes. I don’t have a credit/debit card
Yes. I have a credit/debit card but I don’t use it on the Internet
I can pay with a credit/debit card. That’s not a problem for me
12 – If you answered ‘yes’ to the previous question, what type of payment method would be most convenient for you?
13 – How do you prefer to receive the pattern you buy?
Postal delivery (plus shipping charges)
As a download, printing it yourself (no shipping charges)
14 – Is it a problem for you that prices appear in dollars and euros?
NO, I understand prices in those currencies
NO, because I have used the currency converter on display
YES, that’s a serious problem for me
15 - When visiting our website you may have bought a pattern. If you haven’t, what has the main reason been?
I didn’t like the patterns in the catalogue
I couldn’t find the pattern I was looking for
I find payment with credit/debit card inconvenient
I’d prefer to receive the pattern by mail
The prices are not shown in my country’s currency
I found the models rather difficult to make
I didn’t have time to do the shopping
I didn’t know how to do the shopping
I visited the site just to browse through it
I didn’t want to sign in
Some other reason
I DID buy a pattern
16 – What other kind of garments not included in our catalogue so far would you like us to add? Write your answer in the space below (you can skip it if you have no suggestions)

17 - What’s your overall impression of our website?
I liked it very much
It is just all right
Didn’t like it
18 – Did you find it an easy-to-browse site?
Yes, very easyl
Just all right
I didn’t find it easy at all
19 – How did you find us?
Using a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
Through an ad on the Internet
A friend told me and gave me the web address
Through a message board on the Internet
Some other way
20 – Is tailoring and design your line of business?
Just occasionally
21 – If you wish to leave any other comments, you can do so here.

Tarjetas Gráficos de soluciones
If paying with credit card means a problem to you, please get in touch with us

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