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Print your pattern

How to get the pattern step by step.

STEP 1. Download the pattern you bought into your computer.
Our sales system allows you to download (PDF format) the pattern you bought, immediately after your order process has ended.

STEP 2. Print your pattern.
Once the pattern has been downloaded you can print it yourself, for the pattern’s PDF file consists of 12 DIN A4 sheets that once printed you can assemble a life-size pattern.

STEP 3. Assemble the life-size pattern.
This is very easy! Just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Cut each of the 12 sheets along the top and left cutting lines. For each sheet you will have an edge at the bottom and an edge on the right.
  • Lay out the 12 sheets on the table. Match up the numbered color points that you can find in the corners of each sheet.
  • Tape or glue the 12 sheets together using the bottom or right edges as indicated, and you will have your life-sized pattern!

The pattern you have just assembled contains:.

  • The pattern itself, seamless and in three alternate sizes.
  • The instrucctions to cut and make the model.
  • The “cutting graphics” with the layout of the pieces on the fabric.
  • A guide you can use to assemble the 12 sheets of your pattern.

Instructions to implement the pattern.

  • Those garments that are too long or wide to fit within the pattern, must be lengthened as many centimeters as indicated, always proportional to the pattern. They also can be drawn in several pieces to then be joined together for the completed pattern.
  • Trace the separate pieces on thin paper in the size you need and, carefully including all the given indications (thread, sides, centers, letters, etc.), cut the pattern and, prior to cutting the fabric, assemble it with tape and try it on to improve those special details for your body shape (skirt and trouser length, bust size...). Cut the pattern and prior to cutting the fabric assemble it with tape and try it on to fit it to your body shape.

Print your pattern

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